How CollectFair works

The Online Antiques Centre

David Fletcher at antiques fair

CollectFair began in late 2002 when it's founder David Fletcher (pictured left) spotted a way to combine his interest in antiques and collectables with his knowledge of computing and the internet.

In 2004 the CollectFair website was launched, providing a way for people to create their own on-line "stall" to buy and sell antiques and collectables. From the start CollectFair has aimed to bring the feel of an antiques fair or centre to the internet, and to be much more than a simple auction site. Since its launch user suggestions and feedback have helped build the current Online Antiques Centre.

How CollectFair works

CollectFair is an online antiques centre. Join CollectFair

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Your "stall" is where you can buy, sell and display your antiques and collectables

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Accept payments on your CollectFair stall. Payments are handled securely using PayPal Buy Now buttons

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Constantly updated listing of your eBay auction items on your stall. See a demonstration

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CollectFair - how it works
The Internet Antiques Centre

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The Antiques & Collectables Map

UK Collectors' mapCollectFair has an interactive map for collectors, showing the location of antiques centres, shops, fairs, auctions and private sellers.

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Stock lists

Example excel sheetList your stock on the web for buyers to browse. You create a list of your stock in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and the CollectFair system converts it for display on the web.

Run your own independent website

Combine the exposure of the on-line antiques centre and your own website to catch the buyers' eyes in two places at once!

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