Independent "stand-alone" websites - choosing a name

Find a name for your website

Users wanting to run their CollectFair stall as an independent website with its own name can search for an available name here. For example, you might search for "".

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Registering your domain name

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CollectFair can register a name for you, and ensure it works with our system.

  • Registration of,, and domains costs £20 for 2 years
  • Registration of .com, .net, and .org domains costs £40 for 2 years
  • These prices are in addition to the standard price for your CollectFair stall
  • Please contact us for other options

When you purchase a domain name through CollectFair, you own the name, but we take care of the technical details and computer jargon.

All domain names are registered initially for 2 years. After that time, a renewal fee (typically the same price as the registration fee) is required to renew your ownership of the domain name.

Already own the name you'd like to use?

If you already own a domain name, or would prefer to buy a domain name elsewhere, we can advise you on how to set it up to work with CollectFair. Please contact us for more information. Note that some very low cost sites for registering domain names might not be able to configure the name to work with the CollectFair system.