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Pottery & Sparkles

Help - can you identify this dish?

I bought this earthenware dish some years ago in a charity shop. It has a white / pale grey underglaze with blue overglaze; there is a primitive-style design of a cockerel head, vase and flowers outlined in sgraffito and handpainted in vivid colours.

The impressed backstamp has a letter J and another letter / symbol / number. The mark is repeated in a simpler form on the right front of the dish. It could be "FJ", "JF", "7J", "J7" or something else I haven't yet thought about!

Another thing I find quite puzzling about this dish: while most of the design is painted carefully there are three blobs of slip on the left-hand side of the design which are quite crudely placed. It almost looks as if someone other than the artist who painted it "finished" it off.


Any ideas?

I have been trying for a long time to identify the potter and the country of origin, but without success. I would be very grateful for any suggestions or ideas. I may be contacted through the link at the top of this page.

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