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These pages are in the process of being updated therefore please send a message prior to making any purchase.

If you have any questions regarding these models or would like photographs please contact us.

Stock List

Please ask for more information if you are interested in any of the items on this stock list.

This list was last updated Saturday October 25th 2014

Model no.Model Type / DescriptionCommentsBuy Now
LP13Ford Model A Van  
LP13001bFotoramaphoto available
LP13003Youngs of Hayes 
LP13004Bucktrout & CompanyGuernsey
LP13005O'Hara's BarThailand - photo available
LP13006Dutch CollectorsHolland - photo available
LP13011Polks HobbiesUSA - photo available
LP13012aVimto (black roof) 
LP13012bVimto (white roof)photo available
LP13013Kitchener CoinCanada - photo available
LP13014Newey & Eyre 
LP13019Evening Gazette, Blackpoolphoto available
LP13020Findlater, Mackie, Todd 
LP13021xSwan Pens 
LP13022Harolds Place, Xmas 1985USA
LP13023Carrs Pet Stores 
LP13024Charcoal Steak HouseCanada
LP13026Isle of Man TT Races 1986photo available
LP13027Express & Starphoto available
LP13028Evening Sentinel 
LP13029aNiagara Falls, RedCanada - photo available
LP13031Bill Switchgear 
LP13032xJames Nealephoto available
LP13033Clowns Conventionphoto available
LP13035Jelly Beans TV ShowCanada - photo available
LP13036Bagel WorldCanada
LP13037Kuntz ElectroplatingCanada - photo available
LP13038Ontario Beaver PeltsCanada - photo available
LP13041Mitre 10New Zealand - Mitre 10 Box - photo available
LP13042Ernie Whitt ClassicUSA - photo available
LP13043xCherry CigarettesJapan - photo available
LP13044The Times 
LP13045Vectis Modelsphoto available
LP13047Telegraph Centenary, 1986 
LP13048Swiss Centrephoto available
LP13049aTurano, cream / brownUSA
LP13050aMichael Gerson, silver / blackphoto available
LP13050bMichael Gerson, silver / greenphoto available
LP13051xNorfran Products Limitedonly 23 produced - photo available
LP13053Peterborough Parachute Centrephoto available
LP13054Beaver LumberCanada - photo available
LP13055Exchange & Martphoto available
LP1305650 years of BBC TVphoto available
LP13057Cadburys Chocolate Bournvillephoto available
LP13059Old Toyland Shows, USA 1986USA
LP13061Hewitt of Chippenham 
LP13062Hewitt of Weymouth 
LP13063Alfred Quaife & Co Ltd 
LP13064Drink Coca Cola (Label)photo available
LP13065Twiningsphoto available
LP13066Victoria Wine 
LP13067ets Comm. Holl, MarocainTangiers (750 models produced) - photo available
LP13068Evening Argus, Sussex Daily News (green / black)photo available
LP13070Farnham Maltings 1987100 models produced - photo available
LP13072Cambridgeshire Town Crierphoto available
LP13073Advertiser N. London (Delhome) 
LP13074H & G RestaurantsUSA - photo available
LP13076Fotorama, A World of Colour 
LP13077Lincolnshire Standard, 75 yearsphoto available
LP13079The Kentish Mercuryphoto available
LP13082Bristol Evening Postphoto available
LP13083Roberts Bakery 
LP13086Manchester Unity Friendly Society, Independent Order of Oddfellows 
LP13087bGloucestershire Echo, blade roofphoto available
LP13088Anchor Butter & Cheesephoto available
LP13089The Palms, Stapeley Water Gardens, Nantwich 
LP13090aHarry Ramsdens 
LP13091South Essex Diecast Toy Fair 87photo available
LP13092Le Crunch Bunch, Delicious Apples from Francephoto available
LP13093The University of Hullphoto available
LP13095Stanley Gibbons (red)photo available
LP13096Chivers Breakfast Marmaladephoto available
LP13097Glasgow Garden Festivalphoto available
LP13098Oldham Chroniclephoto available
LP13100Barclays Bankphoto available
LP13101Potters 100 
LP13102Ter Meulen PostBelgium - photo available
LP13103Port Plumbingphoto available
LP13104K G Orrey & Son, Plumbing & Heatingphoto available
LP13105Covent Gardenphoto available
LP13107Dorset Daily Echophoto available
LP13108Newcastle Journalphoto available
LP13109Derby Daily Telegraphphoto available
LP13110Hull Daily Mailphoto available
LP13111Aberdeen Evening Expressphoto available
LP13112Outspanphoto available
LP13113Coventry Diecast Model Clubphoto available
LP13116Thorntons Special Toffeephoto available
LP13117Jersey LavenderJersey Lavender Box
LP13122Evening Echo, Bournemouth 
LP13023Pure Butter Naturally / Mothers Pride 
LP13124Royal Mail, Commemorative Collection, Address it Properly 
LP13128Daily Express, War Declaredphoto available
LP13129Daily Express, VE Day, The King Speaks 
LP13130Blackpool Evening Gazette, 60 yearsphoto available
LP13131St Johns Ambulance Brigade, Dowlais Divisionphoto available
LP13135Tetleys Teas 
LP13143Red Cross, Guildford Division 
LP13146RS Malcolm, Banbury Cakes 
LP13147Dan Airphoto available
LP13152Schneiders Quality MeatsCanada
LP13153Daily Mirror 
LP13155Le Grand Hotel Paris 
LP13156Walkers Crisps 
LP13157Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts 
LP13158Dairy Farm Butchers 
LP13159LMS Ambulance 
LP13160Smarties, Brown 
LP13162Aldershot & District, Route Servicing 
LP13164Sunday Express, 3rd Great Victory 
LP13169Ford, Leamington Spa Plant, 50 yearsphoto available
LP13171St John Ambulance, Sidmouth (Sympathy) 
LP13172Swan Vestas 
LP13173Coventry Evening Telegraphphoto available
LP13174Daily Express - Dunkirkphoto available
LP13179The Sporting Lifephoto available
LP13182Daily Express - Germany Invades Russiaphoto available
LP13183Paxo (Stuffing) 
LP13186Dairy Farm Bakery 
LP13188Retford Gainsboro Worksop Timesphoto available
LP13190POV2 - Royal Mail 
LP13192Maidstone Co-operative Society, The Kentish MilkDarling Buds of May - photo available
LP13197Dairy Farm Butchers 
LP13198Autobar - Vendabeka Limited 
LP13199Kleenex Velvet Toilet Tissue 
LP13203Lagadu'sChannel Islands - photo available
LP13204Morris & Company, Shrewsbury 
LP13205Broadway Press 
LP13206Leeds City Museumphoto available
LP13209Daily Mirror, Andy Cappphoto available
LP13210Daily Mirror, Andy Capp / Flo 
LP13215AA Road Service, Ben Appeal 
LP13223Beeston Ambulance, St John / Red Crossphoto available
LP13226God Save The Queen - Coronation, Admiralty Arch 
LP13227Milky Way 
LP13234Daily Mirror, 90 Glorious Yearsphoto available
LP13240Rupert Bear 
LP13253Damartphoto available
LP13258The Daily TelegraphVE Day Box
LP13259The Daily MirrorVE Day Box
LP13271Sketchley Dry Cleaning 
LP13281Welsh Newspapers (Express / Leader) 
LP13289931 - CalveHolland - Classic Cars
LP13294Great Ormond Street Hospital 
LP13296Sealey Quality Machinery, 20 years 
LP13303Weetabix, blue / yellow / red 
LP13304Weetabix, Blue 
LP13306Lodden Valley Crime Prevention Panel 
LP13307Radio Times 75th Anniversary 
LP13309Dairylea in blue 
LP13316Antiques Roadshowphoto available
LP14Model A Ford Car with Hood  
LP14002Taxi, Blackphoto available
LP14007Happy Eater 
LP15AEC Regent Double Deck Bus  
LP15003Westridge, Isle of Wight Steam Rally 1985 
LP15004Alder Valley, Farnham Maltingsphoto available
LP15005London Transport, Fotorama Film 
LP15006aLondon Transport, Fotoramaphoto available
LP15007Hastings & District, Halls Winesphoto available
LP15008City of Coventry, 100 yearsphoto available
LP15009Chasewater Light Railwayphoto available
LP15010Shropshire, Gemini Diecast 
LP15011Shropshire, Stretton Modelsphoto available
LP15012Stockton Corporation 
LP15013London Transport, 85 - BIS Split 
LP15015Southern Vectis, Isle of Wight Weekly Postphoto available
LP15016Barclays, Milton Keynes 
LP15017MSMC Windsor Swapmeet 1986 
LP15018Bristol, 1st Avon Diecast Club Swapmeet 
LP15019London Transport, Vigil Rescuephoto available
LP15020London Model Club, 1986 
LP15021General, Vimtophoto available
LP15022Nottingham, Guardian Postphoto available
LP15023Oxford, Oxford Mail 
LP15024Red Funnel Group, 12th Anniversary, Isle of Wight 
LP15025Surrey Diecast, Woking 
LP15026aBournemouth Corporation Transport, Square - yellow / cream 
LP15026bBournemouth Corporation Transport, Square - yellow / brown 
LP15028County Showground, Spring Garden Show 1986photo available
LP15029Staffordshire County Showphoto available
LP15030National Garden Festival, Stoke on Trent 1986photo available
LP15031Great Western Society, 25th Anniversary - Didcotphoto available
LP15032aCity of Lincoln, Lincolnshire Echophoto available
LP15033bRyde Rail Festival, gold lettering 
LP15034London Transport, Redbridge Victim Support 
LP15035Fleetwood - Fishermans Friendphoto available
LP15036aBarclays, St Johns Wood - Eagle Reversedphoto available
LP15036bBarclays, St Johns Wood (Bus No. 40)some paint corrosion
LP15038aVienna Beef (yellow / blue)photo available
LP15039London Transport, News of the Worldphoto available
LP15040Ribble, Chorley Guardianphoto available
LP15041Brighton Corporation, Hanningtonsphoto available
LP15043Maidstone & District, Tonbridge 
LP15045London Transport, Radio Timesphoto available
LP150466th Norfolk Swapmeet, Norwich 
LP15047Happy Eaterphoto available
LP15050Manchester Corporation, Evening Newsphoto available
LP15055Barclays Bank, Super Savers Clubphoto available
LP15056Barclays, Ealingphoto available
LP15057Stevensons Bus Services 
LP15058Western National, Plymouth Argyle Football Clubphoto available
LP15060Southdown, Evening Argus 
LP15062bSouthern Vectis, Queens Visit 
LP15062cSouthern Vectis, Australian Bicentenary 
LP15062dSouthern Vectis, Cowes Toy & Model Museum 
LP15063Alton Towersphoto available
LP15064Northern Daily Mail 
LP15066Ortona Cambridge, Town Crierphoto available
LP15068aVerwood Transport, Bournemouth (Verwood)photo available
LP15068bVerwood Transport, Bournemouth (Poole)photo available
LP15069South Shields - Catherine Cookson Country 
LP15070aEssex Toy Fair 1987photo available
LP15071Southern Vectis, Admirals Cup 1987photo available
LP15072Northern, Beamish 
LP15073Banbury Steam Society, 21st Anniversary Rallyphoto available
LP15074Donnington Auto Jumble 1987photo available
LP15075Cowes Toy and Model Museum 
LP15078Country Life English Butterphoto available
LP15081Brigade Aid, Water Means Lifephoto available
LP15082Exeter Corporation, Express & Echo 
LP15083General, Exchange & Mart 
LP15084Dundee Corporation Transport, Model Motoring 
LP15085The Delaine 
LP15086aUnited, 75 yearsphoto available
LP15086bUnited, 75 years (Model Bus Federation) 
LP15087London Transport, Lambeth Building Societyphoto available
LP15089aKoyangi Gerson, version (a) redphoto available
LP15089bKoyangi Gerson, version (b) greenphoto available
LP15090Lincolnshire Road Car, Evening Telegraph 
LP15091Stapeley Water Gardens, The Palms 
LP15094aEast Kent, Thanet Gazette - Ramsgate 
LP15095Nottingham Transport, Sweetexphoto available
LP15096bEast Kent, Thanet Times - Westgate 
LP15097City of Leicester, Leicester Mercuryphoto available
LP15098Walsall Corporation, Express & Star 
LP15099London Transport, Watford Swapmeetphoto available
LP15101Bradford Industrial Museumphoto available
LP15103Harris Buses, Skoda - Graysphoto available
LP15104Newport National Eisteddfod, St Davids Foundationphoto available
LP15105aBelle Vue Promotions - Pembroke Dock 
LP15107Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts 
LP15108Southern Vectis, 50th Anniversary Hornby Dublophoto available
LP15110Devon General 
LP15111bPorthcawl, Glamorgan Gazette - Nottage 
LP15114aManchester, Order of Oddfellows - Salfordphoto available
LP15116Fishermans Friend 
LP15119aLondon Transport, Hackney Gazettephoto available
LP15120Royal Mail, Commemorative Collection, Post Early for Xmasphoto available
LP15121Berkhamsted - Sgt Peppers Concert Partyphoto available
LP15123Southern Vectis, Admirals Cup 1989 
LP15125Old Bank, Lewes 
LP15129aLondon Transport, KPMG Peat Marwick - Fleet Streetphoto available
LP15130aW Gash & Sons, Newark 
LP15130bW Gash & Sons, Elston 
LP15132aWestern Scottish, Paisleyphoto available
LP15132bWestern Scottish, Queen Street 
LP15133AB Motor Co (Hull), 75 years Service 
LP15138aRhondda, Littlewoods - Methyr 
LP15138bRhondda, Littlewoods - Porth 
LP15140Eastern Counties - Transport '90photo available
LP15141John & Julie Webb, The Lincolnshirephoto available
LP15142aMiddlesbrough Corporation, Brobat - Redcar 
LP15142bMiddlesbrough Corporation, Brobat - South Bankphoto available
LP15144bNotts C C Clarendon - Pelhamphoto available
LP15145London Transport, Dan Air 
LP15146National Garden Festival, Gateshead, 1990 
LP15147Sutton School of Gymnastics 
LP15149aEngineering & Fasteners Trade Union - Bearwood 
LP15149bEngineering & Fasteners Trade Union - Oldbury 
LP15150St Davids Foundation 1990 
LP15151St Julians Baptist Church, Newport Gwent 1990 
LP15154aGreen Line, Gilbeys Gin, Stratford 
LP15156London Transport, Force Flakes 
LP15157Lytham St Annes Philatelic Societyphoto available
LP15158bBowlers, Manchester Toy Fair - Trafford Park 
LP15159Ven Ver 40 jaar (white / green) 
LP15160Ven Ver 40 jaar (white / blue) 
LP15163aKimes Coaches, Nottingham Toy Collectors Fair - Folkinghamphoto available
LP15163bKimes Coaches, Nottingham Toy Collectors Fair - Newark 
LP15166aBlue Bus Services - Burtonphoto available
LP15166bBlue Bus Services - Derbyphoto available
LP15180aStevensons - Uttoxeterphoto available
LP15180bStevensons - Burton 
LP15182Cliffords Dairiesphoto available
LP15186Jersey JBS, Make & Move Modelsphoto available
LP15189West Bromwich , Transtar Promotions 
LP15191Barclays - Barclays Plusphoto available
LP15202aBrighton Buses, 6th Hove Scouts - Hurst Crescent 
LP15202bBrighton Buses, 6th Hove Scouts - Prince Charles Close 
LP15203Champion Spark Plugs 
LP15209General, Alliance & Leicester 
LP15210Eastern Counties, Eastern Daily Press 
LP15211St Davids Foundation 1995, Brio Colwyn, National Eisteddfod of Wales 
LP15216London Transport, Jacksons of Piccadilly 

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