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Many thanks to the following for kindly providing me with photographs / information:

Arley Auctions

Jacqui Brand

Heather Caldicott

Barbara Cefai

Elaine Copp

Nicola Davies

Steve Dinnen

Val & Bill Elkington

John Gooding

Bob Hendry

Dave Henshall

Allison Holland


Anne Keen

Deborh Kacki

Carina Lewis


Mim Malof

Chris Marks

Janet McPherson

Joanna Minnery

Claudine Moloney

Pinkanamoon (Valerie)

Hilary Price

Adrian Smith

Anne & Ian Strover

Sue Swarbrick

Tigersuk (Michelle)

Tracey Sawyer

Darren & Sandra


Alan & Chris Taylor

Donna Watson

Jo Rinaldi

Bobbie Eccles

Valerie Mercer

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