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1. What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that can be included on web pages to make them more interactive. It is included in all modern web browsers.

JavaScript can do things like checking that values in forms are correct, or asking you if you are sure before taking an action.

On the CollectFair site it is used to help in creating pages for your stall, and in selecting the categories to list your stall in.

There are several parts of CollectFair which will not work, or will work poorly, without JavaScript.

2. Enabling JavaScript

The CollectFair site will warn you if you are on a page which needs JavaScript, but you don't have it, or it is truned off.

Use the menu sequences below to enable JavaScript.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4:
View -> Options -> Security -> Custom -> Active Scripting -> Enable

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level -> Active Scripting -> Enable

Netscape Navigator 4:
Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Enable JavaScript

Netscape Navigator 6+ and Mozilla:
Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Scripts & Plugins -> Enable JavaScript for Navigator

After enabling JavaScript you will need to refresh the page in your browser so that the JavaScript starts working.

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