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Irish Toy Soldier Museum

Specialists in the Irish Regiments of the British Army.

From one of our customers:

Written by

John Speers


New Jersey


(After he had seen Irish Toy Soldiers at the Hackensack Toy Soldier Show

3rd November 2002)



They have a wee museum near the centre of the Belfast town

To see their model soldiers, folk come from miles around

Sam Lindsay does the painting - Sam Watson is his pard

And if you're short of ready cash, they'll even take your Visa card

You can talk about your Britain's, Frontline and all

You can talk about the "Kilties" that are painted by Ducal

But of all the other companies trying out their hand

The made-in-Belfast models are the best in all the land

Their Irish Guards are special with backs as straight as rods

Their Irish Regiments Band is like something from the Gods!

Those boys from Ballymena are equipped with drums + flutes

And Sam has even painted in the laces of their boots!

Aunt Jane came through the door one day and skellied round the shop

"Ah doubt theirs something wrong" says she, as she tossed them each a bap

"With all these guards and pipers - yez are getting' in a rut

It's time yez painted up a set of Slalterys Mounted Fut"

When the Queen was last in Belfast, she made it her first stop

She dandered up though Smithfield and she landed in the shop

Sez she to Sammy Lindsay, "Them guards o'yours look grand"

"Ach houl yer tongue" said Sammy "thems the best in all the land"

You may talk about your shipyards, ropeworks and all

And the time when Ulster linen used to hold the world in thrall

But there's a little enterprise where Belfast is still on top

And that's the classy models in the Irish Soldier Shop

And even in America they know Sam Lindsay's fame

And collectors flock to all the shows at the mention of his name

"Correct in every detail" is Lindsay's stock-in-trade

And there not another modeller can match his painting grade

If collecting model soldiers is what makes your world go round

Take a dander up to Smithfield and have a look around

When you see those colour parties, theirs banners bright unfurled

You're looking at the premier model soldiers in all the world

And now my story's ended and I'm going down the stairs

To set my Irish Soldiers up in singles and in pairs

If I need a standard bearer to march before the band

I know where I can get one that's still the best in all the land

So collectors raise your glasses and toast the Belfast boys

Who continue painting miracles with neither fuss nor noise

Old Bushsmills the only nectar that matches them for fame

These "professors of perfection" in the model soldier game

Written by

John Speers


New Jersey


(After he had seen Irish Toy Soldiers at the Hackensack Toy Soldier Show

3rd November 2002)

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