Benefits, features and prices

Benefits of developing your website with CollectFair

Make sales through your website!

Easy to try, with powerful features

  • Your pages will be part of an established site, indexed by major internet search engines
  • Your site is listed within the categories of the CollectFair Internet Antiques Centre
  • You can create and edit your pages in a few minutes
  • Digital camera pictures can be uploaded and re-sized online

Helping you to make sales

  • Sell using PayPal Buy Now buttons. All our sites (except the free Guest option) are e-commerce enabled for sales through PayPal
  • Your eBay auction items can be automatically listed on your pages
  • We forward queries and contacts to you, protecting you from "junk" mail
  • Data on visitor numbers and items people are searching your pages for

As small or as large as you need

  • CollectFair specialises in websites of 1 to 50 pages
  • Start with a small site, and expand when you need to
  • Run an online stall at CollectFair, or upgrade to your own independent website address
  • All sites are hosted with us - there's no need to find somewhere to run your site


Stall features Stall type
  Starter Basic Plus Pro Ultimate
Number of pages 2 5 10 15 50
Number of categories 1 2 4 8 16
Maximum number of Buy Now items 24 60 1000 1500 5000
Stall title bold in listings   tick tick tick tick
Your picture or logo in listings     tick tick tick
Multi-page galleries, up to 100 items new     tick tick tick
Data transfer limit (GB per month) 0.75 1 1.5 2 4
Storage space for pictures (MB) 5 20 100 200 800
Cost per year £24.99 £34.99 £49.99 £89.99 £124.99
All stalls include:
  • Automatic listing of your eBay items
  • Accept payments with Buy Now buttons*
  • Display SuperSize pictures
  • Upload your stock list using an Excel spreadsheet
  • Indexed by top internet search engines
  • Easily converted to your own independent website


A browser with Javascript is required, for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. (Almost everyone will have this already.)

Stalls featured on the Front Page of CollectFair will appear in rotation.

5MB of storage for pictures is enough for around 100 6"x4" pictures. The actual number depends on their size and format. Use smaller pictures and JPG format for best results.

1GB/month of data transfer means around 25,000 page views per month for text only pages or 7000 views for pages with several big images. This figure is for typical pages, actual number of pages view will depend on the mix of pictures and text in the page. An extra 1GB data transfer per month is available for £4.99 per month.

* Buy Now buttons require a PayPal account.