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Step-by-step to your own website

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At CollectFair we know that developing a website can seem like a big job. Before you start, it's difficult to know what you even want.

CollectFair offers a step-by-step approach to developing your website. You can choose whichever level best fulfils your needs:

  1. We offer a free 7 day Trial Stall so you can find out about different page layouts, adding pictures and other features.
  2. If you're happy with just 1 or 2 pages, try the "Starter" stall.
  3. If you've more items to display you can open or upgrade to a larger stall.
  4. All the stalls give you the benefit of displaying items with SuperSize pictures, Buy Now buttons, stock lising pages and more.
  5. If you want to launch your own website, simply choose a name and your existing pages are converted into your own independent website.

Of course, if you know from the beginning that you want your own independent website, that's no problem!

Running your own independent website is no more work than running a CollectFair stall!

Step-by-step, from single page, to CollectFair stall, to your own website

New users can get started by joining CollectFair. Existing stallholders can get started with your own independent website by choosing a name under which it will run.

Benefits of running a website through CollectFair

  • Your own web address
  • To people viewing your site, it will be completely independent
  • All the standard benefits of CollectFair are supported
  • Easy management of your pages - just as for running a standard CollectFair stall
  • When you update your stall, your own website is updated too!
  • CollectFair hosts the site - you don't need extra web space with someone else
  • Sites can include Buy Now buttons, eBay listings, and SuperSize pictures
  • Your pages are also included on CollectFair, so they will continue to be seen by people browsing CollectFair

For an example see the Replacements and Collectables website (Opens in a new window).

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Independent websites can be created from all CollectFair stalls (other than Trial and Guest stalls). Please see the benefits, feature & prices page for more information.