Display your stock list

Easily display hundreds of items of stock on your CollectFair stall

Stock list

List your stock on the web for buyers to browse using the CollectFair Stock Listing page layout. This makes it quick and easy to list literally hundreds of items of stock on the web.

You create a list of your stock in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The CollectFair system reads the spreadsheet, and converts it for display on the web.

Stock listing details

Each stock listing page can show a table with up to 8 columns and 400 rows. Here's how to do it:

  1. Example excel sheetCreate an Excel format spreadsheet using Microsoft Office, or any other spreadsheet which can save files in the Excel XLS format.
  2. In the top row put the titles for your columns. For example, you might want to include the Description, Condition and Price for your items.
  3. Enter the details for your items, and save the spreadsheet. Then, choose the Stock List page layout, and upload the spreadsheet to CollectFair in just the same way as putting a picture on your page.
  4. To update your stock, edit the Excel file on your computer, and upload the revised version.

PayPal Buy Now buttons

  1. Each line of your stock list can have a Buy Now button. For these to work you must have stored your PayPal email address with CollectFair - more information.
  2. To create the buttons you need to add columns with special top line entries to your Stock List spreadsheet. The headings are:
    PayPal Price
    PayPal Quantity
    PayPal Postage
    PayPal Description
  3. The column headed 'PayPal Price' will be where the Buy Now buttons appear in the stock list on your stall. The other special columns will not appear in the publicly visible stock list.
  4. The 'PayPal Description' column is optional. It can be used for a stock number or unique name (up to 60 characters) so that you can tell which item has sold when you get an email from PayPal. If you do not use this column, the first column of the stock list will be used automatically as the item's description.
Using blank lines

Example of a spreadsheet which will generate Buy Now buttons.

Stock listing - extra hints & tips

  1. Keep descriptions brief to ensure the stock list is easy to read.
  2. You can include written descriptions of each item, but not a picture. Border and font choices in the spreadsheet have no effect on the appearance of the stock list.
  3. Organising your stock list
    Using blank lines

    Leave a blank row to separate different sections in your stock.

    Using blank lines

    The formatted stock list will appear on the web as shown above

Excel version information

Stock lists have been tested using Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP and 2003 on Windows, and Office X on Mac.

If you are having trouble getting the system to recognise your Excel file, please contact us.