Getting started

Getting started with CollectFair

Items on stall

CollectFair allows you to create your own website by choosing from a selection of page templates. You then add your text and photographs to create the pages.

30 day FREE Trial

Our free 30 day trial allows you to see how CollectFair works as you create and view your own online antiques & collectables stall. There is no commitment - all you have to do is register with us, and we'll guide you as you start creating and editing your own pages. We do not ask for credit card details - it really is a free trial.

No software beyond your usual web browser is required. Once you've registered you can download our User Guide, and Stall Presentation & Style Guide to help you getting started.

Describe your items and expertise

Getting your items into the web is as simple as filling in a form. To get you started quickly, you only need to fill in these details for your first page:

  1. A title for your page.
  2. Choose from a selection of categories, e.g. Books and maps, Ceramics pottery and glass, etc.
  3. Write some text for your page, e.g. information about the items you have for sale.
  4. Give your location, and postcode.
  5. Choose from a selection of text and background colour combinations

After you submit the form your first web page will be created. It really is that easy!

Easily edit pages and upload pictures

Once your items are listed you can edit them, add pictures, and try options such as listing items with a PayPal Buy Now button, or including your eBay listings on your pages. You can edit and update your pages as often as you need to.

After developing your online "stall" within the CollectFair Antiques Centre you can choose whether you want to upgrade to an individual "stand-alone" website with your own web address.