Sell with "Buy Now" buttons

Accepting payments on your CollectFair website   Shopping trolley

"Buy Now" buttons allow you to accept payment for items on your website or CollectFair antiques centre stall. Payments are handled securely by PayPal.

Example button: Buy now button

Shopping trolley

A list of CollectFair stalls with Buy Now items can be found here.

CollectFair makes it simple to accept payments for items you have for sale. All CollectFair stalls (other than Trial and Guest stalls) can now take advantage of "Buy Now" buttons. Click for more about the different types of stall.

New: Postage costs for international buyers

Many CollectFair sellers trade internationally. To easily provide EU and International buyers with postage values, sellers can store 'multipliers' by which any of their UK postage rates are 'multiplied up' for European and International buyers. This avoids lots of data entry just to provide EU or International postage options.

The facility to arrange discounts between buyers and sellers (e.g. for multiple items) is also available.

See also: Detailed help on Buy Now buttons

Benefits of Buy Now:

  • People can buy from you easily, even when you are not around to answer their enquiries!
  • Each pictured item can have a Buy Now button.
  • Each button can store the price, UK postage, and quantity available.
  • Each sale is verified using PayPal Instant Payment Notification - this helps prevent fraud.
  • Emails confirm each sale and the buyer's details.
  • Buy Now buttons are automatically removed or updated within minutes of a sale. Your stall keeps itself up-to-date!

PayPal button encryption - for high value items

CollectFair now offers PayPal Encrypted Website Payments, offering additional security to the Instant Payment Notification system used for standard Buy Now buttons. We are one of very few providers able to do this automatically for each item you sell.

This service is useful for people selling high value items, or with special concerns about fraud. It helps prevent someone attempting to buy your items at the wrong price, and also conceals information such as the email address which will receive the payment.

Encrypted Website Payments are available with all Buy Now buttons, except:

  • Not available for the 100 item multi-page gallery layout.
  • Encrypted buttons sell a fixed quantity of 1 item per button. Drop down selectors for variable quantities are not available with encryption.

Encrypted Buy Now buttons take just a few minutes to set-up, and can be introduced later, even if you have already listed items with standard Buy Now buttons.