eBay items listed on your pages automatically

Display your eBay items - always up-to-date   Gavel

CollectFair's stalls and websites can include a page showing your current eBay auctions. Buyers can then click-through to look at the auctions. There's no work involved in keeping the list up-to-date, it's automatic. See below for a demonstration

A list of CollectFair stalls with eBay items can be found here.

Auction listings are currently available on Starter, Basic, Plus and Pro stalls. Click for more about the different types of stall.

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eBay auction items demonstration

This is a demonstration of how eBay auction items will look on your page.

Listings on your pages will include only your own items. When you don't have any items on eBay there will be a message saying that you currently don't have anything listed.

Checking items on eBay...

Links to eBay items will open in a new window.