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Railway Spares

A Couple of Spares

Hello Welcome to my webpage

For information or advice or for details of Hornby, Triang, Triang hornby, Hornby Dublo, Wrenn, Lima spares and parts Please email or 07587197769 or use the 'CONTACT' Icon in the shape of a envelope OR look on Questions page 1 in my section for some contacts for other spare requirements. All emails will be answered within 24 hours of original enquirey. Please feel free to call monday to sunday 12-7pm

xxx A Member of the Hornby 1970's Club "For everything hornby made 1973-1979" xxx Update page 1 black Friday deals

Please be aware i do not BUY OR SELL from Internet auctions etc.

Hornby and Other makes hard to find Spares a list of some which can be difficult to find

Class 33 lighting sets for n gauge Hornby minitrix model

Ringfield silver seal type copper coloured windings 3 pole 1970s - 1980 has a fibre/card disc on front of armiture

Ringfield purple winding 3 pole 1980 - 1988

Ringfield type 6 winding bigger motor parts 1988 - 2005 (china made has silvery faceplate) bright goldish colour

Ringfield 5 pole winding 2005-2010 goldish colour

Hornby screws available in bulk or small quantity please ask s1002, s1003, s1010, s1015, s1017, s1029, s1041, s1044, s1050, s1060, s1061, s1067, s1078, s1090, s1147, s1150 s1153 s1155 s1158 s1162 s1166 s1180 s1186

Hornby Ringfield wheelsets per axle can be supplied with or without traction tyres versions will fit 1970s mid 1980s Duchess/9f /Britannia/Black 5/ Diesels Classes 47/52/125HST/25/29/35/37/92 S2386,x860a/x936 China 3 pole can be different after 2003 with pickups wheels became insulated all round

also Hornby ringfield large wheels for a4/a3 later duchess and electric diesels 86/90 at the same price Disc plain and Spoke types x1144,s4404

Bogie frames for Hornby classes bogie frame numbers l5042, s9679, l5388, l6782 and s9670 some other bogie frames maybe available for lima etc please enquire

Hornby Drive units for HST 125 class 43 x942 s/h condition good runners Margate ringfield type also fits class 25

Hornby Drive units western class 52 s/h good condition Margate ringfield type for R352,R368 X1079,x1392 other user patriot

Hornby drive unit for class 29 margate ringfield all the above can be used in other loco's for R080/R084, R337/r338

Hornby class 47/37 ringfield drive units used in many tender drives king/saint/coronation streamlined, compound, hunt, b17 and diesels can be supplied in 3 pole or 5 pole 3 pole x941,x1005,

Hornby A4 and A3/A1 earlier super detail type 5 pole tender drive unit x8798,x8800

Hornby class 58 drive units good condition 1980's (motor in horizontal position) type. class 58 can motors will fit other similar models networker class, terrier tank, 2-6-4t lms type margate not SD china, lner/br B12 class (post x-04/x-03 powered model) x1736

New motors for Hornby class 58 can motors. New uprated model of this motor is available

these motors will fit older models but will require modification if converting older 3 pole to 5 pole conversions can supply above to fit a variety of different models please contact for more details

The Triang and Hornby silver seal 9f, britannia and black 5 have different tender frames so direct swaps of tender drives are not possible. these will require whole tender drives in frames with some modification for fitting the perment coupling Diesel silver seal class 47 R060 and R863 will fit newer ringfield chassis but whole unit including underframe has to be changed

Tri-ang and Hornby type power units for class 31/37 complete motorised bogie units

Armiture for Triang and Hornby class 31/37/em2 good condition

Hornby and Triang Class 31 type power units parts are available for between

Hornby Class 5 saint/court and sr m7 loco wheels insulated or non-insulated per wheel

Hornby class 5 (1980-late 2008) / duchess valve gear left and right hand per pair blackend or plated x8406

Hornby Mid 1970s run Britannia wheels loose insulated or non-insulated

Hornby or triang use X-04 or x-03 motors(No exchange required)

Wiring looms for Triang through to last coronation replica

Class 37 under frame for Hornby ringfield motor s9694 will fit 5pole or 3pole

Class 37 underframe for Triang type power bogie with extra pickups and wiring from trailer bogie

blue pullman style centre coaches for use with triang type with mk1 coach bogies rather than kitmaster pattern useful for making larger sets with each blue and white, blue and grey, grey and blue colours in the coaches complete 8 car set. also coaches for the class 47 hauled set

replica apt-t and apt-e plus wessesx emu from around available in 00 scale also other emu's like 4cig unit 4vig

Kitbuilt coaches in 00 scale resonable condition assembled on hornby/bachmann bogies. more kitbuilt items available for 00,tt and 0 gauge, 0 gauge coaches and diesels coming soon

Hornby Cl 52 body shell Hornby maroon type western courier good to fair including under frame and weights

Hornby Class 37 body shells triang type BR blue good to fair condition

Lima 3 pole armitures, Hornby 3 pole armiture margate not china issue. 5 pole armiture, 5 pole will not mesh with 3 pole blocks or motor parts these have been cleaned on taken out of assembled motor units

Lima spares some complete motor units, underframes, bodies and fittings

Hornby 9f chassis block Margate, Hornby 9f motion plate

9f/ Hornby Britannia tender frame Margate type with closed frame underneath

9f Hornby wheels Margate type per set 5 axles or can split wheelsets from the set all bearings and fittings included

9f hornby screws for coupling rods and for underframe and top fixing please enquire about price

9f hornby cylinder block black or with orange stripes

hornby 9f Margate or china loco collector plates with pickups for both sides per set from silver seal model or china type

hornby a3/a4 general driving wheel for later margate hornby locos insulated black

hornby A3 cylinder block Margate tender drive type

Hornby King tender frame

Hornby Duchess valve gear early 1977 type with metal piston instead of plastic unusual in pairs both left and right hands a set

Hornby style Smoke deflectors several types available patriot types 3 weathered, gloss,matt,satin, Duchess 5 types, Schools, Margate king arthur, Princess Rare, Britannia 3 types, 9f, clan, duke of gloucester, a1 1950's (Tornado) and A2 Classes, A3 german type, merchant navy

Hornby A4 loose sliver link and duchess centre wheels loose or on axles in pairs

Hornby/Triang Britannia and Duchess Margate type bogies good condition

the hornby Duchess can be used with Hall/Saint type locos as well as Sir Dinaden the Britannia can be used with the Triang type Princess

Hornby Ringfield armatures 3 pole and 5 pole new 3 pole, 5 pole

Hornby Ringfield brass centre gears 3-pole motor

Hornby Ringfield 5 pole gear brass each

Hornby motor brushes and springs for a Ringfield unit suit 5 pole or 3 pole

a brush and spring (each Ringfield motor requires a pair of each)

Hornby Ringfield traction tyres small and large. also some N gauge traction tyres available

Hornby Ringfield gears and sets can be supplied **please note these will only suit the orginal gear type 3 pole and 5 pole are not in any interchangeable

Hornby Ringfield blocks class 47/ class 92 long wheel base short type for western/patriot complete without magnet

Hornby screws a selection of screws available from chassis to body fixing to pony truck screw from triang type

Hornby/Triang X-04 and X-03 drive gear sets Margate

Triang driving wheels most wheels are available for 0-6-0�s and 4-6-2 locos loose or in pairs some other later plated wheels also available

Class 43 HST125 Hornby Ringfield type lighting sets front driving car and dummy driving car

Hornby steam engines Duchess margate or china, Merchant Navy rebuilt type china Both smoke deflectors hornby Britannia/Duke of Gloucester, China Chassis for any steam engines Loco wise from Hornby (not available as seperate items in spares)Ringfield 5 pole drives other x941 class 37 post 1979 /class 47 post 1980, Silver Seal motor units for 9f, Class 5, Britannia and early class 47 This model has raised ribs on the body molding, Hornby A4 loco bodyshells english with or without valences double or single chimney, Hornby a3 bodyshells tender drive version double and single chimney and banjo dome or plain dome and great northern tender bodys to match, Hornby tender drive loco bodyshells for Duchess, Patriot, Hunt/shire, County 4-4-0, Compound 1000, B12, B17 lner, Fairburn 2-6-4t SSPP and x03 drive, Schools class, Hornby king arthur class sir dinaden spares for x03 and x04 drives, M7 class chassis spares, Lima steam engine spares, Lima Diesel body shells and underframes,

Lima drive gears for all motors not class 20

Hornby Class 58 spares, hornby class 110 dmu and hornby class 144/143 pacer unit, Triang,Triang hornby,Hornby class 31/37/35/em2 drive parts

Hornby and Triang glazing for diesels

Hornby Ringfield drives later 2 axle drives x941 for hornby class 47 and many tender drive steam engines (some require big or small type wheels)enquire

x942 x943 x944, x945, x946, x947, x948, x949, x950 all are 3 pole type uk made

SEE PIC PAGE (Page 1) for some spares in pictures

x8220 king/saint class, x8937/x8838 b17 drive, x8514 class 91 drive, x2749 drive class 90

Hornby Ringfield Brass main drive gear (Spur Gear)3 pole (Gear which retains armiture in the housing) use to replace faulty alloy gear

Hornby Ringfield brushes and springs for 3 pole and 5 pole units Still Common lima type rarer and exdapol county/castle not common. drive parts for mainline early bachmann/replica railway chassis mostly split chassis design

Lima motor for most drives 00 and Ho scale suits classes 08/09,20,25,26,27,31,33,37,42,43 or 125hst,47/48,57?,50,52,55,59,60,66,67,73,87,92 x please note these will only an exlima hornby tooling bodies drive units have to be complete with underframe to fit, as underframe and motors are not interchangable. ie lima motor+trailing bogie+ hornby exlima type underframe will not work

Lima and Exlima body fittings including cab glazing and side glazing blocks

Hornby chassis advice

Margate english made trains tender drive types

These all have dependent on age and original condition will have either good or bad ringfields generally anything made with a ringfield drive before 1982 will have either a poor working or non starting motor this is due to a poor magnet block and also sometimes not using a h&m controller all hornby before 2001 generally run better then on a HM2000 unit

Hornby Britannia any tender drive version

Hornby 9f triang type or hornby before 1977 onwards 1999 after this it was super detailed

Hornby LMS,LNER.BR 8f tender drive pre 1999

Hornby GWR 2800 C pre 1999

Hornby Schools class pre 1999 Chassis blocks and fittings for these 4-4-0's still exist

Hornby Lms Compound pre 1999

Triang style reissue Coronation (short) red or blue 1980 - 1999 (This version is tender drive not loco drive as triang hornby version)

Hornby Princess post 1980 tender drive before 1999

Hornby LNER B17 pre 1999

more tricker to alter but possible

Hornby Black 5 tender drive pre 1980-1999 post silver seal model 1974-1979

Hornby A4 tender drive non china pre 1998

Hornby A3/A1 tender drive non china pre 1998

Hornby GWR Saint/C class tender drive pre 1999 2005?

Hornby LMS Patriot class pre 1999

Hornby GWR King class pre 1999

if unsure about others please contact. When taking about drive and drive units it is the Motor and Motor unit which being mentioned Some have Motor in tender or in an ubderframe encased round bogies with a motorised bogie one end and a dummy bogie (for pickup) for the other Diesels/electrics Bo-Bo and Co-Co wheel arrangement H Duchess/C models made around 1977-1979 have a metal bottom plate which tends to suffer from metal fatague replacements are available in plastic cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc Other possible updates/upgrades for Triang type diesels - Triang Class 31/37/35/em2/101 dmu/2bil upgrade to newer can motor or ringfield motor If fitted with trailing bogie pickups more ideal - Triang type Transcontinental diesels single end or double ended and electric can be also updated with ringfield motors Many older Triang steam can be rewheeled with narrower/finer wheels or adjusted or finescale track running. Contact to find out more Hornby Dublo 3 Rail (Pre War & Post War) 2 Rail spares Wrenn 2 Rail only spares Graham Farish 00 spares and N gauge spares ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc 07587197769 12am - 7pm monday-sunday

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